The Report concerning the Establishment of the Church in Paksong , Laos 关于寮国帕克松建立召会的报道

Dear bro and sis,
         Praise the Lord for His mercy and grace! Thanks Lord for the sufficient supply from the body of Christ!
         On 19th, June. We had a rejoicing conference in Pakse, Laos. It was a meeting for declaring the church in Paksong to be established; at the same time, it was also a good chance for the churches to blend together.
         There were total 31 saints attended this time’s conference. And 14 saints from the north east of Thailand. There are two messages for this conference, ” The Lord’s Table Meeting ” and ” The Economy of God ” . Two brothers from Thailand coordinating with the two local brothers shared these messages. These massages were to perfect the saints in the aspect of the basic points of the truth. Especially for the saints from the new church Paksong. ” The truth shall set us free”. The saints had good response to these messages. We treasured the Lord’s table meeting much more, and we know God’s heart desire more clearly, these word would encourage us to love our Lord and lead us to live the normal Christian life and church life. At the last period of time of the meeting, we also had time for the saints to have testimony. The saints were so active to share their experience with the Christ and about their local church life, to treasure our dear Lord. And the 4 saints from Paksong also declared their target of propagating for one year to invite the saints to labor together with them in their prayer. We enjoyed the riches from each other very much.
         And we also had the Lord’s table meeting. It was the first time for the church in Paksong to have the Lord’s table meeting. We enjoyed our Lord very much in the meeting. And we testified the oneness of the body of Christ. We believed that our father was also satisfied in our meeting.
         Even though it was not so easy for us to blend together, such as the journey for the saints from Thailand is difficult and the circumstance in the locality Paksong is also not so proper for our meeting. The saints were so glad to spend for the blending of the body of Christ. Through this chance, we were encouraged by each other very much and be built with each other more and more. May God lead us, we hope to have more chance to blend together!
         Praise the Lord for His church! May the Lord bless His churches in each locality!
         Thank you!
                                                                                                                     Much grace,
                                                                                                                     Brothers in Laos