一位喜光弟兄儿童班时期服事者的见证 (双语文本) Testimony Made by a Serving One of Brother Chikuang in His Childhood (Bilingual Texts)









二〇一六年八月十三日美國南加州 Ontario 召會
劉葛衍勤 姊妹 敬筆

Children’s Meeting Days of Brother Chi-Kuang

 At 1970s, the backdrop is Taipei’s old Hall Thireteen in Jingmei district , brother Chitai Liu and his wife diligently participated the church life, attending all kinds of service, and opened their home with lovefeast for the saints.  And they bring their son and daughter to the meetings on a weekly basis, and never missed a children’s meeting.
I studied in university at that time, and serving the children’s meeting.  I remember Chi-kuang, and Chi-ling his younger sister came to the children’s meeting, sat on the in the moving backrest of the bench, sing hymns and listen to Bible stories along with everyone.  At the time the material we use is “Children’s Material: Trial Edition”.  Due to the fact that they were in children’s meeting since they were really small, over the years they’ve heard the stories several times, and can practically recite them.  There was a time when it was my younger brother Sanmin’s turn to tell the story, Chi-ling glibly raised her hand and commented: “Teacher, you got the second paragraph wrong!”  In this awkward moment, brother Sanming replied in the children’s meeting: “We tell the story, but can’t just memorize the material over and over again.”  And next week’s children’s meeting when my brother tells the story, Chi-ling paid attention and didn’t point out any errors no more. Afterwards, all the saints in children’s service all carefully prepared the content.of the lesson.
Chi-kuang  has always been obedient, quiet and pays attention in the children’s meeting, and has always follow the church closely in every stage of his human life.  He is truly the good produce raised in the church.  And later I learned that he became a full time serving one, propagating to various localities.

The next time I met brother Chi-kuang, which is in Kuching Malaysia at the International Elders Training in 2008.  After so many years later, I am very happy to meet him , but also shocked, because he still looked young, yet he said that his son was already in college.  This little boy in my memory, is already…, Reality is scary!

Later, on social media and website, I got to read that Chi-kuang’s son’s testimony of studying graduate school in India.  While I enjoyed the essay, I also felt that the next generation in the Lord’s Recovery has been risen up.  We all propagated and served all over, though we cannot meet with one another, but  we always have fellowship in spirit.

When I heard Brother Chi-kuang got cancer, so many  churches overseas, regardless of English-speaking, Chinese-speaking saints, all interceded on his behalf, and worried about his prognosis, but the sparse bad news made us very sad.

That we sigh, “Lord!  How soon is Your coming?  Is Your footsteps in the air, in the clouds?  Such a rush to take away your overcomer?”
In the midst of the mourning, I realize it from deep within: brother Chi-kuang’s life-long experience, has written a chapter in the history of the Lord’s recovery.  And apprehend: Following all the forefathers pioneering footsteps, through so many witness’ experience in our days,  the grand history of the Lord’s Recovery.as the continuation of the Book of Acts, can be fully complied and consummated, ready for His coming back.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Peace Yen-Chin Liu   in Ontario CA
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