Recap of London Christian Students’ End of Semester Meeting 伦敦基督徒学生期末聚会回顾

Recap of London christian students end of semester meeting. The way to fulfill God’s purpose is to eat Him as the tree of life! – via London Christian Students

“First, eating and drinking denote a union.In eating and drinking, two entities become one; they are joined and united together. Those who know God know that His greatest desire is to be joined to man and for man to be joined to Him. Second, eating and drinking imply digestion and assimilation. God’s intention is to become us. The only way for God, who is outside of us, to become us from within is by eating and drinking. Whatever we take into us eventually becomes us. Third, what we eat and drink becomes our inward constituent. Finally, what we eat and drink becomes our nutrition and nourishment, and we live by it. All the things that we eat become our nourishment and inward supply; we live by them. When we eat God, He becomes our nourishment and supply, and we can live by Him. Hence, the Lord Jesus says that he who eats Him will live because of Him (John 6:57). When we eat the Lord, He is mingled with us, digested by us, and He becomes our constitution, nourishment, and supply, enabling us to live because of Him. We can live, move, and work because we have eaten Him and have received Him into us as our nourishment and supply.” (How to Enjoy God and How to Practice the Enjoyment of God by Witness Lee, Chapter 11)
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