A Brief History of the Church in Maipu, Chile 智利迈普召会简史

Brief History of the church in Maipu, Chile


Thank the Lord, it is a great joy for us to present to you today a brief historical account of the humble beginnings of the Church Life in Maipú.

Due to the search for the truth in the word of God, in 1977, a group of faithful followers, who had already read some books of the brother. Watchman Nee in relation to the Normal Christian Life, also dissatisfied with the degradation that existed at that time in Christianity, came into contact with brothers from Argentina who had the same sentiment and were then invited to Chile for the first time.

Thus, in 1978, three churches were established in Chile: Maipú, Quillota and Concepcion simultaneously, beginning in the first place with much prayer, touching the Lord by calling His holy name and constituting us with the rich word of God, through Eat it when you pray-read.

Since then, the practical life of the church in each locality has spread throughout the national territory, through Gospel Preaching, literature, radio programs and meetings, both in the premises and in our own homes.
As a consequence, the vision of the church as its practice, became clearer and more and more, also propagating sovereignly to most of the cities of Chile.
As a church, it is our duty to clarify to everyone, “who we are and what we are doing here.” For this it is necessary to clarify, what we are not. We are not a denomination. Nor are we a new sect, nor are we a new movement or an organization. We are not here to join a particular faction, or to form our own faction.

If we did not have a special calling and a special commission from God there would be no need to exist. We are here because God made a special call to us and we do not want to be rebellious to the heavenly vision. The vision of God’s economy in the New Testament.


via Iglesia En Maipú, Chile
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