Saints Encouraged to Build Up the Habit of Reading Spiritual Books On the 4th Day of 2016 Winter Training 二〇一六年冬训第四天圣徒们受鼓励建立阅读属灵书报的习惯

On the 4th day of the December 2016 Semiannual Training, saints are encouraged to build up the habit of reading.

“We also want to encourage the brothers and sisters to build up the habit of reading spiritual books after every meal and before going to bed. They will gain a great benefit from reading in this way….give the saints some help and encouragement so that each household will have a supply of spiritual books. The saints can place a copy in various places within their homes…to make enjoying the Lord’s word in every place convenient for all the members of their family and even for their guests. These books are full of God’s rich grace; it would certainly be beneficial for each household to place them throughout their home.” (pp. 189-190, CWWL, 1984, vol. 5)

In Message Seven—The Highest Point in Our Spiritual Experience—Having a Clear Sky with a Throne above It, we see that the sky above the living creatures is like a great expanse of awesome crystal, indicating that above them is a clear, open, and expanding heaven. They have a through fellowship with Lord vertically and also a clear fellowship among themselves horizontally. They know not only how to speak and sound forth their voice but also how to listen to God’s voice by stopping moving, standing still, and lowering their wings. If we have the throne above the clear sky, we are greatly blessed, and we should worship God for this blessing.

In Message Eight—The Man on the Throne, we see that through His crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension, the Lord Jesus was brought to the throne, and as the Pioneer and Forerunner, He cut the path to the throne and led the way to the throne so that we may follow for the fulfillment of God’s desire to bring us to the throne. And we realize that God desires to bring us to the throne because of the rebellion of Satan against God’s throne. We should desire to reign; that is, to exercise authority for the work of God and to enjoy the blessing of reigning for God. Furthermore, in order to be brought to the throne, we need to experience the humanity of Jesus with its virtues and to reign in life.