Students from Cal State Northridge Singing with the Saints in Long Beach, CA 加州州立大学北岭分校学生与加州长滩圣徒一起唱诗

Colossians says, “In everything, whatever you do in word or in work, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God” (3:17). How could we do all things in the name of the Lord? There is no other way but by praising, thanking, and praying. When we do all things in the name of the Lord, that is to live Christ. When you do everything in His name you have become Him, and He has practically become you. The way to live Christ is to plug yourself into the Word, into the prayer, and into the singing, the praising, the psalming all the day long. If you remain in this plugging you live Christ. All day long you need not only to pray-read the Word, but also to sing-read the Word. (Perfecting Training by Witness Lee, Chapter 16)