A Saint’s Update concerning Italy 一位圣徒关于意大利的简报

Dear saints, 
I am sorry for not updating you in such a long time. After Jesse and I got married in Tallahassee on April 30, we went to Italy for a few months. The saints in Milan poured out their love on us and prepared a wedding reception for us. It was very special.  We were touched by the saints’ hearts. We came back to Tallahassee to take care of our first year of marriage under the shepherding of my American parents. My American mother, Barbara Lynch, was in the last stage of her life and she passed away last week. It was good that we could be here during this time.
Since we have been here, we have been joining the campus team labor and applying for my green card (my interview is Feb. 6). Recently, five full-time serving ones, including 2 couples and 3 single sisters joined the team in Tallahassee. We believe that the new team should be able to take care of all of the new ones and carry on having student-led bible studies.  If the Lord wills, we should be able to go back to visit Italy soon. Hope it will be the end of March. The serving American couple in Milan will be back March 4. There will also be a book fair and Seminar in Milan this April. Please pray that the Lord would release us according to His timing and continue to use us to cooperate with His move in Italy.
In the past two and a half years, multiple free groups have come into contact with the saints and have taken the ground of oneness with the Body.  There are reports of groups in this way in Hungary, Austria, UK, Croatia, Bulgaria, Ethiopia and the Middle East.  Brother Lee predicted that near the end of the age the saints in the denominations would increasingly appreciate  reading and enjoying the ministry.
In the past few months, this has been happening in Italy, too. One free group (around 200) near the east coast wants to fellowship with the Lord’s recovery and has shown appreciation for the ministry books. One group in Naples and one group in the south of Italy also want to fellowship with us through the reading of ministry books. One of them (around 19) has visited the church in Rome multiple times. The saints will have a book fair and Seminar in February and April and hope to invite some of these free groups to come and enter into fellowship. In the region of Umbria, where there were three earthquakes in the past half year, there are 3 groups (of 160, 200 and 30 saints) that also want to fellowship with us. There is also a leading brother who left the church life more than 10 years ago and is resuming regular fellowship with the Body.  He and his wife have been to a few prayer meetings and fellowship in homes. There are over 50 saints with him who may be recovered also.  Please pray for this brother to continue to be open to fellowship and to be one with the Lord for the building up of the Body of Christ and prepare His bride.
There is also going to be a team moving to Rome this summer. Please pray that the Lord will prepare living creatures to cooperate with His high and awesome wheel in Italy.
Summary prayer for Italy: 
1. Please pray for the team in Rome this summer, 2017. 
2. Please pray for these six free groups to continue to be open and to come into fellowship with the saints at the book fair & Seminar in February and April and the conferences in May & October. 
3. Please pray to recover the leading brother and the group with him and to continue to have open fellowship with the saints.
4. Please pray that the Lord will release Jesse and I go back to Italy soon. 
Thank you praying for Italy. We appreciate all of your prayers. Praise the Lord!!
May the storm wind from the north visit Italy in 2017 and gain whatever He wants to gain for building up of the Body.
Much grace,
Yi-Ling (Elim) Sweet
Isa. 40:31 Those who wait on Jehovah will renew their strength;/ They will mount up with wings like eagles;/ 
                 They will run and will not become weary;/ they will walk and will not faint.