2017 FTTA Tainees’ Gospel Trips to Rome & Milan, Italy and Prayer Burdens 二〇一七年安那翰全时间训练学员意大利罗马 & 米兰福音之旅及代祷负担

(18) Rome & Milan, Italy – 2017 FTTA Gospel Trips Report and Prayer Burdens

We had a table for Bibles for Europe at La Sapienza University in Rome for the past two days. On Thursday morning, the trainees and local saints were able to see the progress of the meeting hall in Rome being built. We also had a very supplying and enjoyable meeting with a Romanian couple and their children at a meeting in their home on Thursday evening.
Prayer Burdens:
 That more young local native Italian students would visit our table and furthermore, be open to further contact to be remaining fruit for the Lord’s testimony in Rome.
 Also, please pray for the coming visitation this Lord’s Day to see the saints in the church in Naples. There is a group of ones that has been enjoying the ministry. Please pray more specifically for the growth in life of all the ones in this group and that they would all become more firmly established to be a shining testimony in Naples.

Report for January 21-24: Statistics:
1,397 tracks distributed
6 Contacted
1 Bible distributed Activities:
We enjoyed a wonderful Lord’s table in Rome this past Lord’s day with local saints including some local Italians and visiting saints from Taiwan. Following that, on Monday, we went to the campus of La Sapienza and distributed tracks. We later went to a local train station and distributed tracks there. Later that evening, there was a home meeting at one of the brother’s homes where we were able to meet with some local students. The following day, Tuesday, we had a table for Bibles to be distributed at the campus of La Sapienza.
At the home meeting, we had a regular appointment with an existing contact, and also a gospel friend of one of the sisters in the church in Rome. A brother was able to share his testimony with the gospel friend. The following day we distributed one Bible, and some of the team members had lunch with a student in the cafeteria.
Please pray:
-The Lord would brood over and save this gospel friend for His purpose. -The Lord would use the Bible distribution to draw local Italian seekers

Milan, Italy
Greetings saints, we really can testify that we are being built into His corporate Body here in Milan. In our time in Milan and Vincenza, we have experienced laboring with the local saints in
our distributing of bibles as well as our preaching of the gospel on the campuses. In the mornings, we have been gathering at a local saint’s home to touch the Lord…in Italian! Although many of us cannot speak Italian, we can say that our Christ is just as enjoyable in a foreign language. On Tuesday we ventured to Polytechnico Universita with Bro Stefano and Sis Lilliana to distribute bibles, pass out tracts, and invite some to a seminar that would be held in the evening. Polytechnico Universita is extremely close to a local saint’s home. The location where we set up table has a lot of foot traffic from students going and coming from class and from the metro station. Although no one came to the seminar, a highlight from our time was meeting a student from the university. As we spoke about man being a vessel to contain God, he could not only help but agree. We invited him to lunch at the local saint’s home where he met many of the local saints. We are hoping to meet with him at least one more time before we leave Milan. Next, we attended the prayer meeting at the meeting hall in the evening. It was a joy to pray and enter into the burdens of the local saints.
Praise the Lord for His move in Milan, Italy!

Prayer burdens:
Gospel seminar that will be held in Milan and Turin. Turin has handed out ministry books at local book fairs for the past two years. Pray that these contacts and new ones will attend and that their needs/questions will be met.
Pray for the growth in life of the local saints, who need a lot of shepherding and encouragement for their going on. Also, that the local saints would continue the labor on the campuses even after the trainees leave.
The Lord is moving in Padova and Vincenza. There is a strong burden that a family would migrate there to strengthen the saints.

Greetings from Vicenza,
Today, in Vincena, we gathered in the morning to enjoy the Lord at a local saint’s home. We pray-read some verses and read the current day’s portion in the Holy Word for Morning Revival in Italian. Afterwards, our team coordinated a bit regarding the day’s gospel time. Our team headed to a nearby city called Padova that has a university with various campuses. Within the city, we set up a table to distribute both English and Italian Bibles. Additionally, we handed out many “MIsterio di L’umana Vita” tracts to the locals. In our few our few hours, we met seven dear, seeking believers who were joyous to receive their free bibles!
After returning to have a delicious dinner with the local saints, we gathered to sing some hymns before we had to leave back to Milan. In that time, one of the local saint’s colleague came over and was able to witness the enjoyment of Christ through our singing. We concluded by singing Ephesians 3:14/Revelation 19:7.
In our return to Milan, we will reaching out to students at the different university campuses in Milan. We will conduct gospel seminars during the rest of the week.

~Team Milan Prayer burdens:
1. Follow-up with the new contacts by the local saints in Padova/Vicenza
2. Migration of some full-time serving ones to Milan
3. Practice of the God-Ordained way through the small groups.

source: beseeching.org