A Report from a Brother Who Recently Served Short Term in Berlin, Germany 德国柏林一位短期服事弟兄的报告

A Report from a Brother Who Recently Served Short Term in Berlin, Germany

Concerning the coordination of the service: Although the saints were from all over the world—the US, Taiwan, Korea, and Canada—they could all coordinate with the local saints in oneness. When they served, they expressed the life of Christ. This is because of the rich enjoyment of Christ through their reading the word of the ministry and praying together.

Concerning the seeking heart of the new believers: Last week two new brothers came to the meeting and asked to be baptized. After I talked with them about the meaning of baptism, I added one sentence: here we will not give you any document or certificate concerning your baptism. They solemnly said that they were not for that, but they were for God. Among the 20 new ones whom I contacted, at least 6 told us that they want to know how to serve God, and they actually joined some of the practical services, such as kitchen service and chair arranging.

I was impressed by their love of the truth. In one new believers’ meeting, the new ones brought up questions like, What is transformation? How can we bring the Lord back? How can we become overcomers? Recently, Berlin started the video training of the past winter training on Ezekiel. Six new ones attended. Their sharing after the meetings was marvelous. One new one shared, “Now I know that the coordination is the most important thing in God’s economy, because through coordination Christ can build the church.”

One new one helped another new one have morning revival after he himself was helped in having morning revival. He testified that it is very enjoyable that the first thing we do in a new day is to contact the Lord by calling on His name. In Farsi: O Lord Jesus is O Huodovan Isa.!

Last, I would like to say that there is a great need of shepherding, but the shepherds are few, especially among the Arabic-speaking saints. There has been a decrease in number of the new ones in Berlin because of a lack of Arabic translators. We need to pray for this. Also, we need more Farsi translators because the new ones keep bringing more new ones to the church.

May the Lord continue to bless His move in Germany!

Source: http://lordsmove.org/information.html