Blending with Young People from Kosice, Slovakia & Debrecen and Budapest, Hungary 斯洛伐克科希策 & 匈牙利德布勒森与布达佩斯青少年相调在一起

Blending with young people from Kosice, Slovakia and Debrecen and Budapest, Hungary. – via Daniel Balaz

The Gospel of John shows that the Lord wants us to believe in Him and then love Him. Believing in Him causes us to receive Him as life (3:15, 36; 6:40, 47); loving Him causes us to live out His life through His working in us (14:21, 23; 15:10). If we believe in Him but do not love Him, the life that we have received from Him will not grow in us or work in us so that we would be conformed to His image and express Him. Hence, we must love Him as well as believe in Him. Chapter 21 records the story of the Lord leading Peter to love Him. Although Peter believed in the Lord, he was short in loving the Lord; thus, after the Lord resurrected and ascended, He came back to lead Peter to love Him more so that Peter would allow the Lord’s life to work in him according to the Lord’s desire (vv. 15-17). (Redemption in God’s Plan, Chapter 10)