Saints in the Philippines Enjoying Hymn 1220 菲律宾圣徒享受补充本诗歌534首

Saints in the Philippines enjoying hymn 1220 “Remove the veils, Lord, from my heart”. via Licardo Ong Moleta

Second Corinthians 3:18 speaks of beholding and reflecting “with unveiled face.” Here “unveiled face” is in contrast to the veiled mind, the veiled heart, in verses 14 and 15. This indicates that our heart has turned to the Lord so that the veil has been taken away (v. 16), and the Lord as the Spirit has freed us from the bondage, the veiling, of the law so that there is no longer any insulation between us and the Lord. Instead of taking it for granted that we are fully unveiled, we need to look to the Lord and pray for mercy that all the veils will be taken away so that we may behold and reflect the Lord. If we want to be unveiled, we should pray, “Lord, I want to be completely open, absolutely unveiled. Take away anything that is covering me. O Lord, remove my veils!” Then with an unveiled face we shall behold and reflect the glory of the Lord and shall be transformed into His image. (Conclusion of the New Testament, The (Msgs. 135-156), Chapter 13)