First Lord’s Table Meeting in Church in Lloydminster, Canada 加拿大劳埃德明斯特召会首次擘饼聚会

First Lord’s table meeting in Church in Lloydminster, Alberta Canada. – via Dario Ballao

In the early days, regardless of the locality, there was only one church. In Jerusalem there was one church (Acts 8:1), in Antioch there was one church (13:1), and in Corinth there was one church (1 Cor. 1:2). In every place there was only one church (Rev. 1:11). Even in places such as Jerusalem and Corinth, where the cities were large and the believers many (Acts 21:17-21; 18:8-10), the church was still one. In addition, since the number of believers was large in Jerusalem, they met in many houses (2:46), but they were still one church; they were not divided into many churches. This is because in one locality there can be only one church, just as there can be only one church in the universe. Since the church in the universe is not divided, the church in each locality should not be divided. Therefore, in one locality there should be only one church and there should be only one fellowship of the church and one ground of the church. (The Testimony and the Ground of the Church, Chapter 9)