Summary Statistics for 2017 FTTA Trainees’ Gospel Trip to Medford, OR and Yakima, WA 二〇一七年安那翰全训学员赴俄勒冈州梅德福及华盛顿州亚基马福音之旅概要统计

Medford, OR and Yakima, WA—2017 FTTA Gospel Trip Summary Statistics and Prayer Burdens

Gospel Tracts Distributed: 609
Bible/Rhema Sets Distributed: 496
Number of Contacts: 400
Number Led to Prayer: 10
Number Baptized: 0
Number of Visitations: 2
Number of Churches Visited: 4

Prayer Burdens:
– Please pray for the immigration and participation for the Lord’s move in Yakima.
– Please pray that these college students in the Prosser area will continue to pursue the Lord and come to the training after they graduate.
– Please pray for all the students in YVCC who received the Bible and for an adequate follow-up of the contacts.
– Please pray for the blending and building between the English and Spanish speaking saints. May that the Lord gain the genuine oneness among the saints.
– Please pray for the gospel preaching on the campus and the neighborhoods.
– Pray the young people could have more personal experiences with the Lord and consider the training after they graduate.


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