Summary Statistics for 2017 FTTA Trainees’ Gospel Trips to Lethbridge & Calgary, Canada 二〇一七年安那翰全训学员赴加拿大莱斯布里奇 & 卡尔加里福音之旅概要统计

Lethbridge, AB / Calgary, AB – 2017 FTTA Gospel Trip Summary Statistics

Gospel Tracts Distributed: 358
Bible/Rhema Sets Distributed: 98
Number of Contacts: 50
Number Led to Prayer: 3
Number Baptized: 0
Number of Visitations: 10
Number of Churches Visited: 3

Prayer Burdens:
– Campus work would prevail in the University of Alberta by strengthening the core students and the new local Canadian contacts would be brought into the church life.
– The Lord would release the blending among the churches in Alberta Canada.
– Local saints to continue to enjoy the Lord day by day and house to house for the normal growth in life after the first Lord’s table
– Continue to have follow-up appointments with new contacts and connect them with local saints and companionize them with local college students
– Inoculate the new contacts and our own young people and college students
– Normal growth in life among the young people and college students in the church in Lethbridge
– Gaining local Canadian students especially freshman students on campuses through the vitalization of the saints and college students
– Encouraging healthy fruit-bearing life among the saints