2017 National Young People’s Conference in Myanmar 二〇一七年缅甸全国青少年特会

Myanmar – National Young People’s Conference. Dates: April 12-16, 2017. General Subject: The Overcoming Life as Portrayed in Song of Songs. – via Changsik Park

In Song of Songs the lover of Christ overcomes in stages. In the first stage of this book she overcomes the attraction of the world by being captivated by Christ. An overcomer should be attracted by Christ and even captivated by Him to give up the world to follow Him.

Then the lover of Christ overcomes the self which secluded her from the presence of Christ by becoming one with the cross of Christ in the second stage of this book. This stage is the stage of experiencing the cross to deal with our self.

In the third stage of this book the seeker of Christ goes further to overcome the old creation by living in the ascension of Christ in resurrection after her self was dealt with by the cross.

In the final stage the overcomer overcomes the flesh, the natural man, the old man, by living within the veil. Eventually, when we enter into the Holy of Holies, God’s sanctuary, God’s dwelling place, there is nothing there but the Triune God. It is here that all the seekers of Christ enjoy the hidden Christ as the hidden manna (the hidden life supply), the budding rod (the resurrection life), and the tablets of the covenant (the inner law of life), hidden in the ark within the Holy of Holies (Heb. 9:4), to the fullest extent. (Crystallization-Study of Song of Songs, Chapter 11)

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