2017 Summer School of Truth in Marcos Village, Palayan City, Philippines 二〇一七年菲律宾帕拉延市Marcos Village暑期真理学校

2017 Summer School of Truth held at the meeting hall in Marcos Village, Palayan City (Philippines) .
Thank You Lord for preserving this generation of young people. – via Chris Camania

In whatever a person does, the most important thing is to have a heart. Without a heart, a person will not want to do anything, and even if he does something, he will not be enthusiastic in doing it. Of course, this is also true with the young people’s work. If you want to do this work, you must like the young people, care for them, and be concerned about their affairs. This may be considered the minimum “capital” required for the young people’s work. If you have no interest in the young people and have no heart for them, doing the young people’s work only out of reluctance, then it is useless. (How to Lead the Young People, Chapter 1)

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