The Free Recovery Version of the Bible as a Crucial Factor for the Church in Pittsburg, Texas to Be Established 免费恢复本圣经是德州匹兹堡召会成立的关键因

The Free Recovery Version of the Bible as a Crucial Factor
for the Church in Pittsburg, Texas to Be Established

“His Word will not return to Him empty, but will accomplish what He delights in, and it will prosper in the matter to which He has sent it”—Isa. 55:11.

Several years ago the Church in Irving decided before the Lord to distribute BFA door hangers to every home in Irving. Maps were elaborated, teams of saints came together and in a few months every home had received a BFA door hanger. Apartments were excluded because of city ordinances.

In one of those homes, the home owner saved the door hanger and forgot about it. Some time later, the home owner’s 21 years old grandson, who had been meeting with Doug and Todd Busch in a restaurant each morning in Pittsburg to have Bible study, came to visit her in Irving from Pittsburg. He did not own a Bible, so when he visited his grandmother in Irving, she got him the free Recovery Version of the Bible from BFA that came from the door hanger.

Later after receiving the Bible, the young brother returned one morning in Pittsburg to the restaurant where the brothers were still meeting to study the Bible. At that time he showed them his Recovery Version of the Bible. They read the footnotes to some of the verses that were very hard for them to understand. Immediately they were enlightened and felt like this was the correct interpretation of these verses.

The brothers in that Bible study were so impressed with this little Bible and its footnotes that they called LSM to find out how to get more of these Recovery Version of the Bibles for their denomination but LSM got them in touch with Tom Smith from BFA. Then BFA got in touch with David Vinson in Irving. He contacted them and came to their Baptist denomination with a few brothers from Irving several days later.

There was an older sister, Linda Powell, who was in the denomination at that time. When she received her free Recovery Version of the Bible, she could not put it down and spent the whole night until the next morning devouring the Word!

After that, she went to the summer training in 2006 with David Vinson and his family. There she met a sister and in their conversation she was asked where she was from. She said Pittsburg, Texas and the other sister said, “Oh, we have been praying for the church in Pittsburg!” The Pittsburg sister was stunned because the other sister was from mainland China. In one brief moment she saw the Body of Christ, not in doctrine but in reality.

After a few visits from the brothers in Irving for a couple of months, Five saints, Todd and his wife Wendy, Doug and his wife Dwaina, and Linda decided to leave the denomination and meet together in a home in June of 2006. Following that, they began to meet with the church in Tyler in August of 2006. They drove to Tyler on the Lord’s Day for 2 years and had home meetings in Pittsburg during the week. Also they felt really shepherded during this time from so many different saints.

In August of 2008 they took the ground in Pittsburg in a most wonderful event, filled with joy in the Holy Spirit. They have meeting with them about 25 saints. The first Lord’s table meeting was held in Pittsburg on August 18, 2008. There were 19 localities represented with about 180 saints attending.

Fellowship between the churches in the Dallas Metroplex and Pittsburg has continued to this day. Many of the churches in Texas, following the examples of the churches in the UK, have begun clustering. Pittsburg clusters with Texarkana, Tyler and Shreveport. Those meetings are always living, full of the Lord’s presence and full of His rich anointing. Often the saints from the Metroplex join those monthly clustering times, to reach out with the gospel of the Kingdom, to care for the young people and to just enjoy the unsearchable riches of Christ.

Praise the Lord for the free Recovery Version of the Bible distributed by BFA!