Report on the Conference in Milan, Italy 意大利米兰特会报道

Report on the Conference in Milan, Italy

On May 13-14, 2017, approximately 250 saints from 11 countries gathered for the conference in Milan, Italy. Approximately 170 came from 21 cities in Italy. On the night before the conference many saints, including a good number of young people, gathered at the meeting hall of the church in Milan for a prayer meeting. The prayer in one accord for the conference and the Lord’s move in Italy paved the way for the Lord’s blessing. The content of the conference was the first four messages from the Special Conference concerning the World Situation and the Lord’s Move.

A concurrent conference was given to about 20 young people on Enjoying the Humanity of Jesus for the Fulfillment of God’s Purpose. The young people were also led into the life practices of calling on the Lord and pray-reading and were encouraged to build up a daily habit of reading and pray-reading the Bible. Children’s meetings were held for about 20 children who came. About 15 native Italians attended the conference, including 3 from a group of 19 from Naples. For 2 of the brothers from Naples it was their first conference, and the
other brother had previously attended the conference in London in April with 2 others from the group.

Many testified of the Lord’s blessing on the conference with His up-to-date speaking and the opportunities for blending outside the meetings. All the saints are looking forward to more saints coming from abroad to blend after the fall ITERO in Germany. From October 9-15 there will be two blending trips in Italy, concluding with a regional conference in Florence. For information on these blending trips, please visit

Please continue to pray for the Lord’s move in Italy, especially for the gaining of local Italians and the raising up of more lampstands and the strengthening of the existing lampstands in that country.