Report from a Sister Serving in Berlin, Germany 一位在德国柏林服事姊妹的报道

Report from a sister serving in Berlin, Germany

My dear brothers and sisters My family has been in Berlin for three months now.

Personally, I feel like one year has passed. It seems that the church life and practical home life are now settling to some extent.

If I briefly tell you about my family’s daily life here
Sister and Sion This morning, from Monday to Friday every morning I go to school and go to school to learn German. It’s not as easy as it sounds to be. Especially my daughter needs a lot of prayer. At a late age (14 years old here) The teacher is a little bit hard, and sometimes he seems to be crying alone. Pray, please ^ ^ I am also trying sisters in the kitchen.
I attend Cody at the meetinghouse from Tuesday to Friday every day at 9 am (from my home to the meetinghouse in 40 to 50 minutes by public transit). After lunch, I usually go to the Bible distribution table (Wed. Tech University Thursday Humboldt University) We spread out and do bible study and appeal.

I started a bible study with a professor at Humboldt University a month ago. I really need a lot of prayer here. It is Brother Pillip Gurdman. It has been around a year since he recovered. You have been in college for a while and have begun church life. Our family is mixed with this family and praying a lot. I first started to climb in the professor’s office and now I am doing a bible study with 4 ~ 5 members every Friday at 2:30 pm in the seminar room next door. Too much enjoyment. The subject is God’s economy. Pray especially for Brother Philip to see the ideal. It is so important to get this family. It is a normal family with my brother in my mid-40s and three children.
Pray that you will gain many students through this Bible study in Humboldt University.

In the afternoon, I go to the language school from Monday to Thursday from 3 to 6 pm Now that I have a language visa, it is necessary to attend the language school.

There are many meetings in the evening than I expected.
On Monday, Moritz started a free-to-second-year German student who has been in touch since last January and dinner and afternoon. Parents and sisters are invited every week to a student named Vanessa. Please pray that they will be mixed with my family and come into the church.

On Tuesdays, prayer rallies were held from 6 am to 7:30 pm After the prayer rallies, group prayers began with college students. Pray that students will bear the burden of carrying the campus.

Wednesday began a home meeting in our home a few weeks ago. We are praying that many students will gather together but many nests will be born. There is a lot of prayer for the blending of home meetings on Wednesday. We are gathering together with German saints. We are inviting the saints of Arabia and Iran who are obtained. The most important problem here is the mixing of all languages. There are many walls in the church now than I thought. I am trying to get rid of these walls at home.

Pray that the reality of a new man will appear in the family, the center of God’s path.

On Thursday, we invite new people to meet, invite existing Saints and mix them. (Park, Byung – Tak, Jae – Hee, Lee, So – Hee I especially like Koreans living in Germany connected around me. Please pray for them.

On Friday, Berlin student home meetings are in rotation in several homes. We are praying for a meeting like a lobby where we can enter the church to be a meeting where we can invite new people.

On Saturdays, there will be a Young People and Secondary meeting starting at 3:00 PM. Your family has a total of thirteen children in total.

The time to finish is not fixed, but it takes time for the children to mix, and the parents are mixing a lot.

I have been enjoying the Lord ‘s Prize since 10:30 am on Sunday. I have been attending the Persian Arabic Speech Conference and the German Conference since 11:30. I have been with the Arab Saints since last week. This meeting is over until a few o’clock is over and I do not know how long it will take time to hear, answer and enjoy their pursuits. Last week, we shared the gospel with the members who brought it to our new gospel friend and he welcomed the Lord. These things happen every day. The Saints who speak Persian and Arabic are so precious and lovable. When the rally is over, most of the Saints gather together at the meeting place for more than three o’clock in the afternoon. Since most of these are not in the weekly meetings, we spend most of the time on the weekly meetings. The Berlin meetinghouse was too narrow, and 30 people attended the proclamation in a place that was less than 5 pyeong last week. I really need prayer for the meetinghouse here.

Everything is so uncomfortable, but there is a sweetness that we do not know when we meet in poor saints and poor meetinghouses. I am thankful to the Lord.

After a week like this, you need a little extra time and rest on Sunday evening. ^^

It is roughly one week’s life of my family. There are tears of gratitude to the Lord when we consider the members of the body to stay quietly in front of the Lord and pray for things here. There is conviction that the Lord will do everything in His time through the prayer and dedication of tears of all the saints of the Lord’s recovery here. The Lord praises Him for giving us all the opportunity to pray, material, and body for His movement in the present restoration of the Lord.

Every week there is so much prayer and so much worker needs. I do not have much time to organize my thoughts on weekdays, so I want to share these things with my members every Monday evening. Thank you for always praying for your brothers and sisters.

From Jamin Park in Berlin.

source: sunny paek