Announcing the Completion of the Collected Works of Witness Lee 李常受文集竣工通启

PDF file’s link: CWWL_flyer_v2_sm

Set Features: The Collected Works of Witness Lee will contain approximately 136 volumes with over 77,000 pages of ministry. Of this amount only 56 percent has been previously published, leaving pproximately 35,000 pages of ministry that will appear for the first time in The Collected Works of Witness Lee, including hymns written by Witness Lee and notes from his personal Bibles. Following the completion of the final volume, an index of the entire set will be prepared and sent to those who

purchase a complete set. This index will contain an alphabetical list of every section in the set, a list of referenced verses, and a breakdown of the set content by topics, such as regeneration, baptism, the human spirit, the all-inclusive Spirit, the ground of the church, calling on the name of the Lord, and so forth. The Life-study messages, Conclusion messages, and Truth Lessons will not be included in the set.

Printing Features: Top quality two-color Buckram hardbound covers with gold-foil stamping and Smyth-sewn binding. Acid-free, vertically grained paper for durability and ease of reading. Size: 5.75 x 8.75 inches.

Publication Features: Print quantities will be based on new orders and the quantity needed to complete the sets of those who have existing DMS accounts for The Collected Works of Witness Lee. Warehousing of sets for future orders will be quite limited because of the extensive space requirements; consequently, we do not anticipate reprinting these volumes for a number of years.

Price Features: Each volume will retail for $25.00 but discounts ranging from 40 to 45 percent will be offered, depending on the purchase option chosen. Details related to purchase options for new orders and for continuing DMS subscribers will be made available later this year.