Singing during 2017 West Coast South College Training in Oak Glen, CA 二〇一七年加州Oak Glen 西岸南部大专训练唱诗

West Coast South College Training at Oak Glen, CA – Final Update

We are grateful to the Lord and for all the prayers of the saints that resulted in Him moving in and among the 268 students who have attended this particular training that has exposed the darkness in this age of godlessness and more importantly, burdened us all to be those who really know God, see God, and gain God.

We have really sensed the Lord as the Spirit moving in and through the students. After the meetings, the students testified of their appreciation for the brothers straight and frank fellowship in exposing the dark situation in this age of godlessness. Many admitted to the struggles they have in their universities that stem from the philosophy of the age. They consecrated themselves to be under the washing of the water of the Word. In particular, there was a strong response from many of the students at the conclusion of the last two evening meetings. Many were touched to give themselves to the Lord and to practically participate in the church life. Throughout the week, many students have been diligently writing down what the Lord has been touching them with and giving that back to Him. The students also had a total of around 40 minutes of corporate prayer together to pray back all that they have heard from the Lord. There was a strong release in the prayer, especially that the students would be those who see God and gain Him in this age of godlessness.

In conclusion, please pray strongly with us that:
– We would continue healthy life-practices (e.g. morning revival, prayer, reading the Word) to spend adequate time with the Lord and also attend and function more in the meetings (especially the prayer meeting and the prophesying meeting) of the church.
– We would not be part of or indifferent to this age of godlessness and become part of the mystery of lawlessness, but exercise ourselves unto godliness in the details of our daily life to manifest God to those around us.
– For the four other on-going college trainings over the country – that the burdens of this training would reach young people all over the world so that the Lord would gain a generation who would become an anti-testimony of the age, a corporate manifestation of God in the flesh.

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