Update from Cherelus, Arad County, Romania 罗马尼亚 Cherelus, Arad County简报

Almost the whole month of July 2017, we were able to gather the 20-25 kids in the village for some summer activities either cooking, playing football, Bible games, English tutorial, sharing the Mystery of Human Life, hymn singing and or incorporating all these activities with gospel preaching.
With the help of one yp from Timisoara who stayed with us here in Cherelus for almost the whole month of July 2017, the burden to reach out these kids whose parents are open to us was a bit lighter to bear. (Attached are the photos for the children’s summer activit


). We are praying that through these kinds of gathering the kids, the parents will be taken care of the near future as the Lord will raise up more saints to bear the burden with us for the spreading of the truth for the church life.

With the coming international conference in Romania this Sept. 01–03, 2017, 3 couples registered to join. One of the couples who will be joining this year has joined last year and this time they will be accompanied by their daughter and her husband with the very young son. Two families expressed their desire to join and hopefully by this weekend they will be able to confirm.
These are the names of the couples/families who registered:
1. Valer and Florica Borlea
2. Ghita Birsanu and Valentina Borlea-Birsanu and son Eli
3. Gabriel and Roxana Ungheanu
Families who will give their confirmation this week:
1. Doru and Laura Herlo with son Darius
2. Adrian and Lenuta Buterchi with daughter Delia
We do need your prayers for the remaining families who are attacked by the enemy recently and is still bound by the denomination (Baptist).
1. Tudor Borlea and Veronica Borlea
2. Ghazwan Totanchi and Adrian



3. Flavius Borlea and Cosmina-Herlo Borlea
4. Flavia Borlea
5. Emmanuel Beniamin Borlea
6. Ramona Herlo

The goal of the gospel is that loving the Lord Jesus with the first love. We would pour out upon Him what is most precious to us. Even our most costly and valuable spiritual treasure, wasting ourselves upon Him.