Summary Report from the Iberian Peninsula 伊比利亚半岛概要报道


Summary Report from the Iberian Peninsula

October 2017


In the Iberian Peninsula the trip for the distribution of Bibles and blending started in Barcelona. A group of 80 saints participated. The group was comprised of seventy visiting saints from Mexico, Central America, South America, the United States, and Russia, and ten serving saints comprised of three FTTA and two FTTA-XB trainees, and five full-time serving ones from Madrid.

The first distribution of Bibles was held on Monday, October 9, at the University of Barcelona. Initially, the saints were surprised by the refusal of many students to receive the Bibles, since in Mexico and Central and South America people are very open to receive the gospel. Through prayer the Lord had the way to open the hearts of the people. Eventually, some were open to receive a Bible, and there were some very good testimonies. That first day we distributed 108 Bibles, 13 people were saved, and there were 2 open contacts. That evening the churches in Barcelona and Girona invited us for a wonderful dinner and blending time. The second day the distribution was carried out in the center of Barcelona. The saints prayed much before and during the distribution. The second day we distributed 208 Bibles, and 16 people received the Lord. Later that day we departed for Valencia.

The following day we distributed Bibles at the University of Valencia. The response was very positive, with 346 Bibles distributed, 29 people saved, and 2 very open contacts. The day ended with a blending meeting with the saints in Valencia and Murcia with many very encouraging testimonies. The fourth day, October 12, was a national holiday in Spain. The center of Valencia was filled with tourists and local people. Many local saints and young people joined the distribution. A total of 435 Bibles were distributed, and 20 people were saved with 8 open contacts. In the afternoon we proceeded to Madrid.

The following day, the fifth day, the distribution of Bibles was conducted at two points at the University of Madrid, one inside the campus and the other at a major transportation hub at one corner of the campus. The response was better than anyone expected. The Bibles we had were distributed in less than one hour. A total of 641 Bibles were distributed, and 20 people received the Lord. It was too late to go fetch more Bibles. If we had more on hand we could have easily surpassed our target of 2,000 Bibles distributed. What was remarkable was the increasing number of Bibles we passed out as the days went one (see graph below).

In general, the saints were very encouraged by how the Lord was pouring out His blessing during the week. We all experienced that the impact on the distribution of Bibles and the preaching of the Gospel comes from the coordination, prayer, and the one accord. We are praying that many of the contacts will be gained by the local saints and will come into the church life. In total, we distributed 1,738 Bibles, and 125 people were saved with 15 open personal contacts.

The attendance at the weekend blending conference in Madrid was about 300. The speaking was full of light, and the singing of hymns was full of anointing and rejoicing.

On Saturday night we had a time of fellowship regarding the Lord’s move in the Peninsula, in Cuba, Central America and Mexico. It was a very enlightening time. All the visiting saints said that after praying for Europe and Spain for all these years, it was wonderful that they could actually be here. Now the Iberian Peninsula is engraved in their hearts and will make their prayers much more meaningful. Those of us in the Peninsula also very much appreciated the coming of the dear visiting saints.


Our prayer burdens following this week of blending are as follows:

  1. That the Lord would gain the sons of peace in Barcelona, Valencia, and
  2. That the local saints will continue to be burdened for the distribution of the
  3. That in the upcoming days the Lord would soften and open the hearts of many more in Spain for His testimony.