Lord’s Move to Asia Prayer Burdens (2017.12.3- 2017.12.9) 主在亚洲的行动祷告负担(二〇一七年十二月3日至9日)

Lord’s Move to Asia Prayer Burdens (2017.12.3- 2017.12.9)

1. Pray for the finishing of the translation of the Old Testament Recovery and the translation checking by the LSM.
2. Pray for the 101 trainees of the Full-time Training.

Sri Lanka
1. Pray for the intensified propagation in Colombo from 12/11-16 to gain 3 families.
2. Pray for the National Young People’s Training from 12/18-22 that all the young ones would know the mingled spirit and live in the spirit.

1. Pray for the Training for the Full-Time Serving Ones from 12/6-9 and may the Lord perfect all the full-time serving ones to be the proper person in life for the building up of the Body of Christ with its organic practice.
2. Pray for the National College Students’ Training from 12/23-26 and may the God of glory appear to all the young ones that they can answer His calling to be the useful vessels for the sake of His testimony.

source: Lord’s Move to Asia