Inland Churches Blending Meeting 美国内陆众召会相调聚会

How can believers who are on earth touch heaven? We can touch heaven by our binding and releasing prayer; this is the prayer of the vital group; we have to bind with the authority of the heavens by two or three coming together in the principle of the Body, not by ourselves; two or three represent the coorporation of the Body; these two or three come together to pray in harmony. – Matthew 18:18-20.

Inland Churches Blending Meeting. December 17, 2017. More than 330 saints. 10 churches. General Subject: The Organic Practice of the God-ordained Way in the Vital Groups for the Fulfillment of God’s Eternal Purpose.

For the fulfillment of the God’s eternal purpose, we must build up the vital groups to fulfill the New Testament priesthood of the gospel of God for the organic practice of the God-Ordained way. – Hebrews 10:24-25; Colossians 1:28-29