Report on 2017 National College Training in Chennai, India 二〇一七年印度钦奈全国大专训练报道

National College Students Training 2017

On December 22nd to the 26th, we had the highest number of saints join our National College Students Training. A total of 513 young people, college students, and young working saints gathered in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. For the first time, saints from all over India joined including north India (35 saints), Maharashtra (48 saints), Northeast (15 saints), Karnataka (45 saints), Kerala (68 saints), AP & T (112 saints) and Tamil Nadu (189 saints including some part-time). The Lord is surely strengthening the fellowship and coordination among the churches in India. Most of the students came for the first time.We believe the blessing of so many coming was partially a result of the recent National Blending Conference. One student from northeast testified, “I thank the Lord and the saints for the training. To see young people from all over India has strengthened my faith and belief.”

The general subject of the training was Knowing, Seeing, and Gaining God in an Age of godlessness. The Lord’s speaking was progressive throughout the training. The messages began with great light exposing the evil age we live in which is just like the days of Noah. This speaking was a great sign that the Lord’s coming is soon. One student testified “In this training, I was given a warning about the age I live in, an age of godlessness”. As the messages progressed, we were unveiled to know who our God is, His life and nature, His attributes, the desire of His heart, and His good pleasure. We progressed from knowing God by the hearing of the ear, to seeing and gaining Him by beholding Him through His word. The training concluded with a message titled, Becoming the Mystery of Godliness in an Age of Ungodliness. Also the students were given verses to memorize throughout the duration of the training. About 40 received a reward for scoring above a 95% score on the exam. The students also prophesied and practiced RSG in small groups. Also 15 young people were baptized.

The three main burdens during the college training were to strengthen the practices of RSG (Recovery Version Study Group), preaching the gospel, and joining the full-time training short-term in FTT-ND. We introduced a new tool through the Line App to help students to get into RSG. Over 200 have joined thus far. We also released a special fellowship and testimonies regarding preaching the gospel to their acquaintances. Many students responded showing their realization of the need of speaking for the Lord in their daily living. One student testified “I need to be constituted with the word of God. This infilling will lead to the outflowing.” Also, the FTT-ND trainees gave a special presentation of the training and passed out short-term training applications. Many testified they would like to join the training upon completion of college and many also showed interest in joining short-term in the next year in May. One student testified, “I just came to the training because saints asked me to come. I was not enjoying the Lord. Through the training, I was encouraged to join FTT-ND after [college]. I am for the Lord. I want to be useful to the Lord.”

Prayer Points:

  1. The Lord would preserve the young people from this age of godlessness, by making these young people a generation in India that would know, see, and gain God to become the mystery of godliness as the built up church for the fulfillment of His purpose.
  2. The students can practice RSG in their localities and through the help of the Line App.
  3. The students can have companions in their localities to preach the gospel to their acquaintances.
  4. To have 20 join FTT-ND next term in January, and 40 join short-term training this upcoming year.