Crystallization-Study of Leviticus (1) — Banner Song mp3 利未记结晶读经(一)标语诗歌英文mp3

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① Through His speaking in the Tent of Meeting,
God trained His people to worship and partake of Him
and to live a holy, clean, and rejoicing life.
② We need to realize that we are not absolutely for God
and that in ourselves we cannot be absolutely for God,
and then we need to take Christ as our burnt offering—
the One who lived a life that is absolutely for God.
③ By exercising our spirit to touch the Spirit consolidated in the Word,
we are constituted with Jesus,
and the human living of Jesus becomes our human living.
④ Christ is the peace offering between God and God’s people
for their co-enjoyment in fellowship to have the vital-group church life,
to have the Lord’s table meeting, and to consummate in
the New Jerusalem as the ultimate peace offering.