2018 FTTA Gospel Trip to Oklahoma City (2) 二〇一八年安那翰全训学员赴俄克拉何马城福音之旅 (二)

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

January 15

Hallelujah! Today a group of 16 full timers, trainees, and students went together for some sightseeing and lunch together. This evening we had what the full timers are calling “a round table fellowship” at a saints’ home in Norman. It was basically a time for the students and full timers to fellowship about what methods have worked in the past and to present any new ideas that they felt would be beneficial for this next semester. Topics ranged from the best communication methods between the students and full timers to how to make the new ones feel more comfortable the first time they meet in a home. Prayer burdens: 1) That the first Bible study in Norman this semester would have a strong exercise of the spirit and that the students would be fully released to come. 2) That we would gain some sisters off of the Oklahoma City Community College campus this semester.

January 16


Today our team was split up between two campuses. At the University of Oklahoma (OU), we passed out just under 4,000 club flyers, had a Christians on Campus table in the student Union, and held 2 Bible studies. By the end of Wednesday our goal is to pass out 6,000 flyers with our welcome events for this week. At the club table, we continued to pass out flyers and invited students to the Bible studies. We also contacted 27 students for longer than 30 seconds. The two Bible studies today were on the 8 great men in Genesis. The first Bible study had 23 in attendance with 4 new ones. The second Bible study had 17 in attendance with 2 new ones.

At Oklahoma City Community College (OCCC) we were unable to reserve a table so we set up shop at Starbucks in the main building on campus. 11 were contacted for more than 30 seconds and 14 club flyers went out. One highlight was having lunch with and enjoying sweet fellowship with a sister who was sad that we didn’t have Bible study today. We were with her for over an hour talking to her about the divine romance and reading part of the first chapter of The Knowledge of Life.

Prayer burdens:

1) The ones contacted today on both campuses would not only come to the welcome events but would also become remaining fruit!

2) The team would stay healthy as the temperature here continues to drop.

Source: http://beseeching.org/beseeching/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/2018-FTTA-Gospel-Trips-Report-1-January-18.pdf