2018 FTTA Trainees’ Gospel Trips to Newington/Woodbridge, Connecticut (2) 二〇一八年安那翰全训学员赴康涅狄格州纽因顿福音之旅 (二)

Newington/Woodbridge, Connecticut

January 18

Dear saints,

The first day of school was canceled yesterday because of snow, but we all had a sweet blending time with our hospitalities. Today’s weather was much better, and we set up the Christian Students at Central club table in the student center. According to the university’s rules, we are not allowed to approach students inside the buildings to preach the gospel or to introduce the club. But nothing can stop life’s flowing! We went out in pairs around the campus and had positive experiences contacting students, and also enjoyed singing by the table. Four students came to sign up for the club.

At noon, we had the first Bible study/welcome lunch of the semester. 7 students came, and 3 of them joined us for the first time. One of them is Mormon. She was taking notes on the sharing in the book of John with the subject of Jesus being God, and the focus being the Lord turning death into life. Please pray that the Lord would reveal the truth to her, she would accept the truth,
and receive God as her life!

Prayer burdens:
1. The Lord will continue to draw His key ones to the table in the next few days
2. The existing students will be strengthened to go on in the new semester
3. More of saints would open their homes to care for the students in a regular way.


Source: http://beseeching.org/beseeching/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/2018-FTTA-Gospel-Trips-Report-2-January-19.pdf