North America: Northeast NYC/Albany/Stony Brook 2018 FTTA Gospel Trip to NYC/Albany/Stony Brook 二〇一八年安那翰全训学员赴纽约市/阿伯尼/石溪大学福音之旅

Dearest saints,

Our team arrived in New York yesterday, January 20th. Upon arrival and meeting the saints, we joined two meeting locations.

Some of us joined a Spanish speaking gospel meeting at the Jamaica meeting hall where there were 7 new ones that attended and one who got baptized. Some others joined a group meeting in the Upper West Side. We enjoyed fellowshipping with the saints about the church’s status being the Body of Christ.

This morning, January 21st, our team attended the Lords table meeting in Jamaica. Afterwards we had lunch with some local saints and will have a time of dinner and orientation this evening.

We have been warmly welcomed by the saints and have enjoyed our time with them pursuing the
Lord together.

For your prayer:
1. Please pray for our team to be built and blent together. We haven’t been able to spend too much time together yet as an entire team.
2. Please pray for the health of the trainees. Pray that each of us would remain healthy and strong enough to remain in the full schedule of the trip.

Much grace,
The NYC/Albany/Stony Brook team