2018 FTTA Gospel Trip to NYC/Albany/Stony Brook (2) 二〇一八年安那翰全训学员赴纽约市/阿伯尼/石溪大学福音之旅(二)


NYC/Albany/Stony Brook/

January 22

Dearest saints,

Last night (January 21st), we had dinner and coordination with the local saints.It was a sweet time of fellowship and prayer for our next two weeks in NewYork. We fellowshipped over our schedule, the saint’s burden for our time here, as well as getting to know more of the situation in some of the cities in New York.

This morning (January 22nd), we had a time of prayer, coordination, and mutual enjoying of the Lord in the Word and the ministry. Then we went out to visit different parts of the city. One experience we had on the subway was singing two children’s songs to a mother and her daughter. The mother seemed interested in hearing us sing to her daughter. We gave her a gospel tract as she exited the subway. We have been learning to have these kinds of interactions with the ones we meet as we are out walking around the city.

Prayer burdens:

  1. Please pray for the Lord’s move on the New York University (NYU) campusand the Columbia University campus. We will be tabling tomorrow at NYU.
  2. Please pray for the delivery of the BFA materials for this weeks distributionby noon tomorrow (1/23), as well as the best weather conditions for thesedistribution times.