2018 FTTA Gospel Trip to Laredo, TX (1) 二〇一八年安那翰全训学员赴德州拉雷多福音之旅(一)


Laredo, TX

January 22

Hello, brothers!

Our first morning in Laredo, TX was this Lord’s day the 21st. We had a greattime of blending with all the saints during our love feast. Also spent our firstcoordination time. We briefly visited our campus site, and afterwards haddinner with the saints.

Today was our first day on the Texas A&M International University campus. We plan to table there everyday for the next two weeks. We will pass out our bible study invitation tracts that will be held on Wednesday and Thursday of this and next week. Also, to make a good connection with the students.

So far, the Lord did beyond what we could think, we were able to give out 1300 invitation tracts, 60 students signed up to come to our bible study times, and two very promising students prayed to receive the Lord with us.

Prayer burdens:

  1. Please pray that the Lord would continue to pour out His blessing on thiscampus. Continue to soften, open, and prepare the student’s hearts for thisbible study sessions.
  2. Please pray that these 60 students would come to our bible study sessions,and be well connected with the local brothers and sisters students on campus.
  3. Please pray for the Lord to give us some promising students to connect tothe local saints in Laredo, and be brought into the church life here.

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