2018 FTTA Trainees’ Gospel Trip to San Diego, California (3) 二〇一八年安那翰全训学员赴加州圣地亚哥福音之旅(三) 

2018 FTTA Gospel Trips    Report and Prayer Burdens 5    January 23, 2018

NORTH    AMERICA:    SOUTHWEST    (SOUTHERN    CALIFORNIA)    San    Diego,    California

January 22

Hi saints,

We finished the conference in San Diego, and the last meeting was glorious! We had a message on the Lord’s table and then the table meeting afterward. Just one testimony from this meeting: there is a new one who came this morning for the conference, and he had a urge to share something during the table meeting but he didn’t. Later brother Brian encourage the saints to pour out what they have, because that is their spirit that is urging to speak. After hearing that, he realized that feeling was the spirit! He touched his spirit for the first time. Then, he wanted to come back again for another Lord’s Table to speak touch his spirit again. Praise the Lord for what you are doing in him!

We transitioned to Vista/San Marcos for more fishing on the campus! We are visiting California State University San Marcos (CSUSM) and MiraCosta College for this next few days.

Today, we visited CSUSM. And it was glorious. So many students were open. One sister pair met a student after showing that he has a third part and God has a plan for him, he said, “save me!” He received the Lord in such a dynamic way. (Picture 1)

And we had a love feast in the evening, and the overflow time was full of mutual encouragement.  (Picture 2) Do pray that:

  • The Lord will gain some solid students to connect with the families in CSUSM and MiraCosta Collegesthrough the gospel work this week.
  • The local saints and the trainees would be strengthened and encouraged in their going on through this blending time.

January 23

We were much encouraged by the openness of California State University San Marcos (CSUSM). Over two days, we passed out about 80 Bibles, and contacted over 100 people, which includes students, faculties, and even our neighbor tablers! Like one trainee testifies, CSUSM seems more people received what we were ministering rather than rejecting it. And not much on campus were occupying or filling the students. This is really special pond that we need to pray for the Lord of the harvest to thrust more workers on this campus.

One student we met was very open. He took the tract, Lost and Found, and read the tract with one brother. He started to tear up, later confessing that he was reminded of his backslidden situation with the Lord. He was already Christian, but through the tract the light shined upon his current situation. Then, few brothers joined in and showed him the human spirit and how to eat and enjoy the Lord through our human spirit, and talked about the flocking life, which enables to keep the believers motivated to pursue the Lord. Do pray for him!

Tomorrow we will go to MiraCosta College. Not many students that are connected to us are in that college, but we need your prayer!

Do pray for:

  • What the Lord is currently doing in CSUSM, that He would bring the new contacts on, especially connecting the crucial one to the homes.
  • The breakthrough in MiraCosta College. The Lord may reach so many seeking and open students on the campus, among which some would be solidly connected with the families in Vista.
  • Health of the trainees in the trip, that there would be no hindrance in His move as well as the blending during this time.

Source: http://beseeching.org/