2018 FTTA Gospel Trip to NYC/Albany/Stony Brook (1) 二〇一八年安那翰全训学员赴纽约市/阿伯尼/石溪大学福音之旅(一)


New  York    City/Albany/Stony    Brook,    New    York  

January 23

Dearest saints,

Today (January 23rd), we went to the NYU campus to table with the students there. We passed out a total of 13 Bibles, 175 tracts, and had at least 25 meaningful conversations (more than 30 seconds) with the students;

2 prayed to receive the Lord. We were on campus for about 2 hours today and sensed that overall many were open to at least receive a tract, and some a Bible. There were a few instances where there was just a flood of students before us and all it seemed we could do was hand out tracts to as many as possible. A few times, students just walked up to the table and immediately asked about receiving a free Bible. We were very encouraged by their eagerness to obtain the Word.

For most of the time, our team split into groups of two and three and distributed materials within the NYU student center and across the street at Washington Square Park. A group of trainees, local saints, and NYU students also sang hymns at the park. We attracted the attention of children, parents, and students who passed by. One student was a freshman from China who had never heard of the Lord. We spoke with her and asked her if she wanted to receive the Lord. She prayed to receive the Lord and agreed to come to tomorrow’s campus Bible study.

Another interaction we had today was with two girls who we met waiting outside the student union. The trainees first met one of the girls and offered her a tract. After telling her that we had free study Bibles available, she

was open to take one. During our conversation, her friend appeared and was also very open to receive a Bible. We opened to Hebrews 12:2 and showed her footnote 2 which talks about the Lord Jesus being the greatest attraction in the universe. We then took them to the table where they met other saints, received their Bibles, and were invited to come to the campus Bible study tomorrow. We are praying that they would both come and join us tomorrow evening.

In the evening we had dinner with the local saints and joined the prayer meeting at the meeting hall in Jamaica, Queens.

For your prayer:

  1. 1. Please pray for the students that were contacted today and those that received a Bible or tract, that they would read the materials they received.
  2. 2. Please pray for the first Bible study of the semester tomorrow night at NYU. Pray for those that were

contacted the previous day to come.

Source: http://beseeching.org/