2018 FTTA Gospel Trip to Riverside, California 二〇一八年安那翰全训学员赴加州河滨市福音之旅

Riverside,  California       

January 22

The Riverside gospel team began Friday and has been to 2 places in the past 3 days.

On Friday Jan 19, we went to University of California, Riverside for BFA tabling. After a time of corporate truth pursuit in the morning, we went out with the local saints to campus. We were encouraged and strengthened both by these saints and by the local students who brought their friends to the table as well as passed out bibles with us. We felt that we were entering into the local gospel work.

At UCR, we passed out 40 bibles, which was more than we expected – we ran out! Also, we passed out 165 tracts, had time to speak with 28 students, and even lead 3 to pray to receive the Lord.

We ask for your prayers for the students in Riverside to go on in a strong way, that they may continue the gospel. Also, pray that the students we contacted would come to the bible studies at UCR.

From Saturday Jan 20 – Sunday Jan 21, our team joined the saints in Moreno Valley for gospel in the community. We went to the local supermarkets and neighborhoods  to pass out bibles, tracts, and pamphlets for the church in Moreno Valley. We also had a time of blending with the young people. There, we shared our testimonies to encourage them to go on in the Christ.

On Saturday, the first day in Moreno Valley, a total of 102 tracts and 38 bibles were passed out. Also, 17

people prayed to receive the Lord. On Sunday, more local saints joined in and we passed out 105 tracts and 27 bibles. 38 people were contacted, 19 prayed to receive the Lord, and we had 1 follow-up appointment with a contact from the day before.

Our prayer is that the saints in Moreno Valley would gain much remaining fruit as they follow up with the contacts. Another burden is the raising up of the next generation of saints in Moreno Valley, that the Lord may go on in a strong way in this locality

Source: http://beseeching.org/