2018 FTTA Gospel Trip to Oklahoma City (5) 二〇一八年安那翰全训学员赴俄克拉何马城福音之旅 (五)?

NORTH    AMERICA:       Northeast

NYC/Stony  Brook/Albany,    NY

January 25

Dearest saints,

Today (January 25th), we joined the saints in a mid-week perfecting training that was held at the Jamaica meeting hall. The brothers shared on how to use the hymns for our personal time with the Lord and the New Testament priestly service. It was very encouraging to see a good number of saints join this training in the middle of their busy week. Their willingness to be trained was a great testimony to us.

We then drove into the city to visit the students at Columbia University. We had lunch and spent time with a few of the students that attend the university. It was wonderful to be able to see them and find out how their semester has been going so far. It was a sweet time of mutual enjoyment.

After having dinner together as a team and with a couple of students, we drove about an hour and a half to Stony Brook. There is a university here that the saints have been laboring on. They are very burdened to gain students here as building material for God’s building. We will be in Stony Brook until Saturday morning, laboring with the saints on this college campus.

Please pray:

  • For the Lord to release the sons of peace tomorrow as we go to Stony Brook University and that we would meet some who could get solidly connected to the saints here.
  • For the blending of the trainees, local saints, and students at tomorrow evening’s college student meeting.

Source: http://beseeching.org/