2018 FTTA Gospel Trip to Laredo, TX (2) 二〇一八年安那翰全训学员赴德州拉雷多福音之旅(二)

2018 FTTA Gospel Trips

Report and Prayer Burdens 8

January 27, 2018

North America: South Central

Laredo, Texas

Hello, brothers!

Thank you all for praying for us. We’ve had a great 4 days of labor and blending here. We’ve met many open students and the Lord has surely poured out His blessing on this campus. The main burden of the saints in Laredo is for increase, and the Lord has been leading us in meeting many open students.

This far, we have passed out approximately 3000 Bible study invitation tracts, 179 students have signed up to attend this past Wednesday and Thursday’s sessions, and 59 new students have attended these sessions. We had 38 come the first time, and 21 new ones come the second time. Also, two sisters joined us from Austin on Wednesday (one of them was sick and couldn’t be with us the first few days). Their coming we feel was sovereign of the Lord because we needed more females due to high response from females on campus.

During the first session, we covered the purpose of God’s creation of man, and all attendees prayed with us to receive the Lord. So far, we’ve had close to 44 students receive the Lord, and we’re expecting a baptism of one student soon. We’ll spend tomorrow blending with the saints, and Lord’s day have arranged a cookout gathering of all very open and close contacts we’ve met to join this time at a local park in view of connecting them with the local saints.

We’ll spend the next week continuing to pass out Bible study invitation tracts for Wednesday and Thursday, meeting new students, and blending with the saints.

Please continue to stand with us:

  1. The Lord will bless the time of gathering and blending of all the students during this Lord’s day park cookout with the local saint
  2. The Lord will continue to lead us to all the sons of peace on campus next w
  3.  The Lord will preserve and cause the very open contacts we’ve met so far to continue meeting with us next week.
  4. The Lord will strengthen the student’s (L.) will and cooperation with the Lord for his baptism this


May the Lord’s will be done on the A&M campus.

Laredo Team

Source: http://beseeching.org/