2018 FTTA Trainees’ Gospel Trips to Puerto Rico (5) 二〇一八年安那翰全训学员赴波多黎各福音之旅(五)


Puerto Rico

Dear saints,

On Wednesday we preached the gospel in the University of Puerto Rico in Rio Piedras. Each trainee was paired up with a student from the Christians on campus club. We went out in pairs to different areas of the campus and six students prayed to receive the Lord. The serving ones and the local saints were very encouraged to see that the shy students were preaching the gospel to many students in the campus. In the evening, we all went with our respective hospitality to keep blending with them. With our hospitality, some of the college students joined for dinner. One of the college students shared with the saints how encouraged he was to go to the full time training after hearing the testimonies from the trainees and the answers to his questions about the training. Praise the Lord!

On Thursday we prayed with the serving ones for many of the burdens they had for the college students, the families in Puerto Rico, and the gospel time in the community. In the evening we went out to preach the gospel with many local saints in the University Gardens area

in San Juan. During this time 381 tracts, 2 New Testament bibles, 4 basic elements, and seven people prayed to receive the Lord. We then went with our hospitality to join the home meeting and to keep blending with the saints. In one of the home meeting, there was a new couple that joined which is the neighbors of the saints in this home and they are very open to the saints.

Prayer Burdens

  1. That the Lord would gain an open family near the University Garden High School for the young people to have more saints homes open to them.
  2. For the Lord to bring many new contacts to the Friday lunch time event held every week at the meeting hall and for these contacts to become remaining fruit. Also that the Lord would guide the serving ones as to what to do with the college students after the trainees leave so they can keep going on to higher ground with the Lord.

Source: http://beseeching.org/beseeching/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/2018-FTTA-Gospel-Trips-Report-7-January-26.pdf