2018 FTTA Gospel Trip to Everett/ West Richland, WA 二〇一八年安那翰全训学员赴华盛顿州埃弗里特 /西里奇兰福音之旅


Everett/ West Richland, WA

January 26

Hallelujah for the church in Everett! Our team safely arrived here this afternoon. We first met all together at a beautiful house that the saints rented out for us. A full-timer from Seattle is staying with us here also. Then we all packed up in the van and drove to the church house in Everett where all the saints meet. Tonight we gathered there for dinner and fellowship as 12 local saints, 1 full-timer from another city, and 4 trainees.

During our fellowship, the saints asked some of the trainees to share their experiences being in the full time training, with particular interest in their experiences on gospel preaching and shepherding in the different gospel teams. The saints expressed a deep burden to gain the younger generation in Everett. They also shared the challenges they face in gaining the young ones here due to their work schedules, age, and lack of young people all together. Tomorrow, we plan to join the saints by going to the conference in Bellingham for messages on the “Vital Group.” Then tomorrow night we will meet with the younger aged brothers and sisters who live in or near Everett.

Please pray for:

  1. The conference in Bellingham, that the Lord would speak a fresh word and that the saints in Everett would corporately see a vision of the Vital Group.
  1.  The meeting tomorrow night with the young people (high school/college) around this city, that the Lord would speak to these young people through the trainees’ testimonies.

3.   More opportunities to fellowship with the saints in Everett and to enter into their burdens for increase.

Source: http://beseeching.org/beseeching/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/2018-FTTA-Gospel-Trips-Report-7-January-26.pdf