Singing during the Lord’s Table Meeting in Philippines 菲律宾擘饼聚会唱诗


Some, these days, would tell us that our Jesus is not food,
That we only need to know about Him and do good,
But we’re glad to tell you brothers, it’s just not that way—
Jesus is the bread of life; we eat Him every day.
We love the church life, eating,
drinking, breathing Jesus.
We love the church life, taking
in God’s Word.
We love to hear those “O Lord,
Amen, Hallelujahs!”
We love the church life, feasting
with the Lord.
When He fills our inward parts, we’re never quite the same,
So much richness we can taste by calling on His name.
“Services” but once a week for us will never do.
Every day we need the fellowship to take us through.
If these latter days and situations of the world
Make you feel that round a vicious circle you are swirled,
Then please listen closely to the things we have to say;
It may be that you will find with us a better way.