Report on Gospel Trips from the Northern New England States 新英格兰北部各州的福音之旅报告

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FTTA-XB Gospel Trips #1 Report from the Northern New England States!

The past few days we were in Manchester, New Hampshire. This will be the second time the trainees and saints have been sent out to this area. We started on Thursday by having a table inside (MCC) Manchester Community College where they have about 3,000 students
attending each semester. We spent three hours there and gave away 12 Tracts and Bibles to contacts who were open for further fellowship. Along with that we gave about 9 Rhema sets. After tabling, we split into three groups and were sent out to a neighborhood near Southern New Hampshire University to door-knock for two hours. We gave away 56 tracts, 10 Bibles and 1 Rhema set. The saints are really burdened for this neighborhood because it is about 5 minutes away from campus. It would be good to pray for open homes in this area.

On Friday, we went door-knocking at a different neighborhood that was still close to the university. For each home that was vacant we left a tract and for those that were open we gave away a Bible and invited them to the gospel picnic we were going to have on Saturday.

We ended up giving out 70 tracts, 21 Bibles and 3 Rhema sets. There was one home of an elderly couple who were very open to us and who also enjoyed our singing “I am the living bread” to them. We are looking forward to revisit them, please pray for this time.

On Saturday, we began our picnic at Livingston Park from 10AM and lasted until 5PM. Some families from the greater Boston area came to join this time. A few of us went door-knocking for two hours near one of the neighborhoods near the park. We gave about 60 tracts, 10 Bibles, 3 Rhema sets. We met about three people who were open for further contact. Meanwhile, there were saints who stayed at the park and spoke to families there. One contact we met, Lydia, received a Bible and invited us to her home to have a Bible study one day. Then, a contact (Cecilia) that we met at MCC and had invited her to the picnic time, came with her boyfriend. Cecilia is really open and has expressed a desire to have us over for dinner sometime. We gladly accepted the invitation! Please pray for these open homes in Manchester! – via Carl Jhunlo Serquiña