Saints of Hall 41 of the Church in Taipei Singing Hymns#642 台北召会第41会所圣徒歌唱英文诗歌642首

1. “Within the Veil“: be this, belov’d, thy portion,  Within the secret of thy Lord to dwell;

Beholding Him, until thy face His glory,Thy life His love, thy lips His praise shall tell.


Sisters: Lord, I come, Seeking You, Bring me in, To Your light, You’re so rich, You’re so full, Wonderful, My delight.

Brothers: Open me, Turn my heart, Speak to me In Your Word, Lord You are All I need, I love You, Precious Lord.

2. “Within the Veil,” for only as thou gazest Upon the matchless beauty of His face,

Canst thou become a living revelation Of His great heart of love, His untold grace.

3. “Within the Veil,” His fragrance poured upon thee, Without the Veil, that fragrance shed abroad;

“Within the Veil,” His hand shall tune the music Which sounds on earth the praises of Thy Lord.

4. “Within the Veil,” thy spirit deeply anchored, Thou walkest calm above a world of strife;

“Within the Veil,” thy soul with Him united, Shall live on earth His resurrection life.