Report on 2018 FTTA-XB Trainees’ Gospel Trip in Munich, Germany– (2)二〇一八年安那翰全时间训练—波士顿延伸训练学员德国慕尼黑福音之旅报告(二)

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2018 FTTA-XB Gospel Trip
Report – (2)
May 14, 2018

💚Greetings from Munich, Germany! Our first week here has been filled with spending time with local saints, contacting people, and passing out Bibles on the campuses. There is no Lord’s Table meeting in Munich yet, but there are about 20 local saints and 5 children who are living the day-to-day church life. During our time here, we were joined by 3 saints and one couple from Dusseldorf and a couple from Worcester, Massachusetts. On Tuesday night, we joined the saints for a prayer meeting in 2 homes. On Wednesday and Thursday night, we went over to saints’ homes along with some local saints, for dinner and a time of fellowship and blending. The saints gathered in 2 homes on Friday night for the home meeting and both went over John 14. One home had about 20 people, 4 of them being new ones. The other home had 9 people. Our burden is that the German-speaking ones would be unveiled to see the Father’s house is not a mansion in the sky but a mutual abode of the Triune God and the tripartite man.

💚Most of the labor has been on two major campuses in Munich; TUM (Technical University of Munich) and LMU (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich). They are a mile apart from each other and about 20 minutes away from the saints’ homes by public
transportation. Munich is a predominantly Catholic city and many students are tired of religion. From the labor of the FTTT trainees and our time going onto the campuses, we feel that for the most part, students are genuinely seeking and hungry for the truth. We went out to the campuses 4 times to distribute for about an hour and got in touch with a few very seeking ones. We distributed 43 German Bibles and 8 in English. However, we feel that the focus this week should be more on shepherding those who we are already in contact with.

💚Continuing on with the labor from the FTTT trainees over the past 4 weeks, we started this gospel trip with 154 contacts. Out of these 154, we are focusing on 40 who have responded and have had more regular appointments. Out of these 40, 14 are German, 2 are of other European nationalities, 8 are Asian, 3 are Asian Indian, 1 is Middle Eastern, and 12 are of other nationalities.

💚Out of our burden to connect the new ones with local saints, we had a barbeque at a park on Saturday. There were about 30 people in attendance, with 9 of them being new contacts who are seeking the church life and hungry for the truth.

Prayer Burdens:🙏🙏🙏
 For the release of more appointments with those we are in contact with and for them to see the living Christ.
 That all the local saints would be strengthened and supplied to care for all the new ones.
 For the organic connection between the new ones and the local saints, with 10-15 of them being solid contacts who the local saints could care for long-term as a result of these gospel trips. – via The Genuine Christian Life