Saints in the Church of Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) Singing “Just Taste and See that the Lord Is Good”埃塞俄比亚亚的斯亚贝巴 召会圣徒歌唱“只要一尝便知道主是美善”

Just taste and see that the Lord is Good

This is the “Church in Addis Ababa” (Ethiopia). She is located in East Africa, and They are singing in the Amharic Language……Isn’t it so wonderful we can Taste and see that the Lord is Good, Jesus Christ through the Church Life is building up the Body of Christ so that He as the One New Man will come forth …….Today….. we Love You, Lord Jesus….

“Just taste and see that the Lord is Good”
“He’s good for you as He is for me”
“So Whatever you do Just taste and see”
– via Piripi Mihaka