Praise the Lord for the Many Conferences and Blending Times All Around the World in the Church Life为着全球召会生活这许多的特会与相调时光赞美主

图片中可能有:12 位用户、微笑的用户

图片中可能有:9 位用户、微笑的用户、一群人坐着、表格和室内




图片中可能有:10 位用户、微笑的用户、一群人站着

图片中可能有:1 位用户、人群和室内

图片中可能有:2 位用户、微笑的用户、一群人坐着

图片中可能有:6 位用户、一群人坐着



Praise the Lord for the many conferences and blending times all around the world in the church life during 20-29 May 2018! Hallelujah, the Lord is blending His Body and bringing forth the one new man to express Him and represent Him!

Here are some pictures shared by the saints during this time period:

20-21 May 2018 – Victoria Day Conference in Montreal, Canada (for the saints in Eastern Canada). Topic: The Living of the One New Man. Hallelujah. Lord, we want to grow up into Christ in all things and learn Christ as the reality is in Jesus for the corporate living of the one new man!

29 May 2018 – BLENDING MEETING with the Saints from the Church in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines

27-28 May 2018 – Blending with saints from India and Singapore!

27 May 2018 – Blending in Cenad (Timis, Romania)
– via Conferences and Blendings in the Church Life