The Children of Tugatog and Acacia Singing a Hymn 菲律宾Tugatog与阿卡西亚儿童唱诗歌

The Paralytic was forgiven and got healed

The children of Tugatog and Acacia sang a hymn last July 7, 2018 about a paralytic man who got healed because of his sin being forgiven. Luke 5:18 to 20: Some men took a man who was not able to move his body to Jesus. He was carried on a bed. They looked for a way to take the man into the house where Jesus was.

But they could not find a way to take him in because of so many people. They made a hole in the roof over where Jesus stood. Then they let the bed with the sick man on it down before Jesus.

When Jesus saw their faith, He said to the man, “Friend, your sins are forgiven.”

Luke 5:24-25 So that you may know the Son of Man has the right and the power on earth to forgive sins,” He said to the man who could not move his body, “I say to you, get up. Take your bed and go to your home.”

At once the sick man got up in front of them. He took his bed and went to his home thanking God.