A New Song Posted on the Website – Melody of Lilies from the National College Training in 2015 一首来自2015全国大专训练的诗歌发布在此网站上—百合花的旋律

We just posted a new song on our website. It’s called “Great Searchings of Heart” and it’s from the National College Training in 2015: http://melodyoflilies.com/great-searchings-of-heart/

 The lyrics are a quote from the first message outline, “God’s Need for Age-turning Vessels,” and are based on Judges 5:15-16 and Jeremiah 32:39.

We hope this song inspires many to consecrate themselves to the Lord Jesus! – via Phil Johnsen

Source: http://melodyoflilies.com/great-searchings-of-heart/