2018 International Blending Conference in London 二〇一八年伦敦国际相调特会

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Praise the Lord for the International Blending Conference in London, UK (listen to the messages and download them here https://www.amanatrust.org.uk/…/international-blending-conf…), the South-East USA Blending Conference in Atlanta, GE, USA (download the messages here: tinyurl.com/sebc-spring2018), and the Parents and Serving Ones’ Conference in Toronto, Canada.

Please note: the registration for the 2018 College Training in the USA is open (visit https://www.collegetraining.org/2018/), and so is the registration for the 2018 European Young People’s conference in Poland (see registration here: https://ypconference.eu/registration/). Lord, release many young ones to register and attend the training and the conference!

2018 International Blending Conference in London. Download the messages via, https://www.amanatrust.org.uk/audio/international-blending-conference-in-london-2018

Source: https://www.facebook.com/Conferences.Blending/posts/10155174637821396