2017 Spring College Conference in Latham Springs, Aquila Texas 二〇一七年春季德州莱瑟姆斯普林斯大专特会

Jacob saw the vision of a dream in Bethel
Moses saw the vision on a mountain, do tell,
David saw the vision of the holy temple,
Ezekiel saw the vision of the house.

Then John…saw the vision of the New Jerusalem!
Well, it’s God…dispensed and God built into men.
We need a vision, so we open to the Lord,
Seeking revelation in the Holy Word,
Turning to the spirit for the building of the church,
The church is the fullness of the One.

Zechariah’s vision was for God’s recovery,
Daniel had a vision of Christ in victory,
Paul and Peter’s vision of the building of the Body,
complete the revelation of the age.

Source: https://youtu.be/md8XKCcEzfI