2018 Iberian Peninsula Conference in Malaga, Spain 二〇一八年西班牙马拉加伊比利亚半岛特会

Praise the Lord for the Iberian Peninsula Conference in Malaga, Spain, 14-16 December 2018! Topic: Proclaiming the Jubilee.

The jubilee is when you have everything and you have no need for anything. This is what God wants for man. The only way man can have this jubilee is when man has this God. When you have Christ, you are free. When you have God, you don’t have need for anything.
Regarding the secret of jubilee, this jubilee is for all time and any time, for all situations and any situations. It is not outward prosperity, health or wealth, but the inward empowering of the indwelling Christ.
Some of us have recently experienced the deep loss of people or possessions. Some of us are under bondage, or under the oppression of addictions or depression. We have this jubilee, but we need to call on this Person. Lord Jesus! We need to talk and converse with this Person, that is to pray – not in a formal way, but in a personal and intimate way
One way to enjoy the jubilee is to sing. We can learn from Paul in prison, to sing, that is to praise the Lord. Our Christian life should be one big jubilee. May we learn to escalate our enjoyment of this Jubilee!

Lord, open my eyes first. Lord, I know so many things. I don’t need just knowledge, but I need my eyes to be opened. Lord, turn me from anything dark. I don’t want to remain in darkness. I don’t want so much darkness in me. Turn me from darkness to light. Turn me from the authority of Satan, turn me from the dominion of Satan. In this and that part of my life, Satan still has dominion over me. Turn me from Satan to God. Make me a person in God. Lord, forgive my sins. We can never graduate from repentance, Lord, forgive all kinds of sins. Lord, sanctify me again and again. I am positionally sanctified, but sanctify me in my disposition. Make me a person who, day and night, enjoys You as my all in all. I would not enjoy so many things but just enjoy You. Replace all the idols in my being. And Lord, make me one fully in the church life, living in the church, functioning in the church, building the church, in a full way, not a half-hearted way. I don’t want to be on the edge of the church, a peripheral Christian, but I want to be fully in Your house. Lord, unveil to me all the New Testament contents of the jubilee, and make these my reality.

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